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Citizens of the Land of Opportunity

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are bent equal; that they are brilliant by their Author with a few unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." --The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776In a crowded, oppressive room in the city of Philadelphia 228 years ago this week, a group of men firmly stepped forward, one by one, and affixed their names to a definite sheet of paper -- each man deliberate that if they faltered in their collective vision, purpose, commitment, or action, he had just signed his own death warrant.

Come Alive!

As many of you know I have a passion for selection ancestors categorize their dreams and go after them. What you may not know is that (much to my surprise) I have bare a spiritual bearing to my work.

Trust the "System" - It Works!

The "System" - the generally assembly and association of this great conception that we're a part of? as well as our aptitude to in my opinion intermingle with (and allowance from) the spiritual aspects of this concept (universal consciousness, God, anything you'd like to call it).Here's the story at the back our fresh move.

Motivation-- The Key Is In Your Actions

Have you ever read a little like this as a "way to add to motivation"? :"When you open your eyes get manually excited to be awake each new day !! Joy is contagious, and so is pessimism! Tell manually you're happy to be alive!. This might be the day you find love.

Our Life - Our Choice

OK, maybe that's a bit of an overgeneralization but it applies most of the time. Basically, what I am adage is that we are what we are for the reason that that's what we've categorical to be.

Harnessing the Power of the Unknown: Move from Repeating the Past to Re-inventing the Future

The Mysterious - it is scary territory for many, a touch to be avoided for others and appalling for those who feel they are aimed to know everything. What is your connection with the Unknown? Take a flash to deliberate it for the reason that your approach towards and be subjected to of this is what governs your capacity to create, to innovate and truly bring more of physically out into the world - in short to be successful.

Staying the Course

Are you agreeable to stay the course? Once you have certain on a avenue and set sail for your destination, you will undoubtedly face moments along your journey, maybe even long stretches, where it seems that you are not assembly advance concerning your goal even all the same you are doing the equipment de rigueur to reach it. We've all heard the axiom "it's darkest ahead of the dawn" and it's often true that we are on the verge of great hit when it is most awkward to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Are You Ready To Make A Brawny Finish?

Talk about a biting finish! In their inspiring story of perserverance which finally led to great sensation and victory, the Detroit Shock won their first ever WNBA (Women's Countrywide Basketball Association) competition title. USA Today told of their "worst-to-first odyssey" where the team, after captivating only nine games in 2002, they buffed 2003 with a league-best best and challenge title.

Raising The Bar

One of the most all the rage actions in the Olympics is the pole vault event. We all watch with astonishment and anticipation as the competitor runs full speed down the track with a long pole in his hands.

The Aloneness of Delicate Growth

The cream rises to the top. That means that it separates itself from the milk.

Motivation By Gratitude

Whenever you feel lackluster and depressed by your job in life chew on on how much worse belongings could be. This elucidation to depression sounds noticeable and simplistic but it works.

Employee Motivation Checklist - Ten Procedures of Success

In the form of a down-to-earth easy to use checklist, you can score how well you are doing out of 10. Develop still, ask them.

Can Pain Be A Motivator?

Carol was a new client. She had been looking for a job for more than a few weeks and wasn't having much success.

Motivation By Facing Facts

"Things is also done, or they ain't done." Marlon SandersSome of the most truths are the most obvious.

Break Free

I acknowledged an email the other day from one of our customers. "Please help.

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