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Regeneration from the ashes - motivation


The legend of the phoenix can in point of fact be found in quite a few belief systems. It can be traced back to antediluvian Egypt when it was then known as "Bennu" or Bynw", a badge of the sun god Osiris. Osiris was resurrected to life from allocation as ruler of the underworld.

Whether this mystic bird is attributed to the Chinese "Feng-huang", the Jewish "Milcham" or even an badge of Christ, the legend carcass the same?

After allocation its life cycle, the phoenix builds a nest and then by the sun and the friction of its own wings, is consumed by fire. It is as usual reborn from the very ashes. The phoenix is consequently symbolic of resurrection, immortality, and my not public favourite - triumph over adversity.

I has been said constantly that there are two types of colonize in this world: "marathoners" and "sprinters". Both are ambitious at heart. They set a goal and will pursue it zealously. The only discrepancy is that a runner expects to see close consequences and if they do not accept those results, they may get dispirited and give up all together. A marathoner on the other hand, can get side tracked, knocked down, and firmed on, but will change and redirect when compulsory in order to meet their best goal.

For example, a woman who had intended to lose thirty pounds in three months may be disappointed upon realizing that after the first month, she has only lost six. She had clearly likely to see more rapidly results. But if that same woman takes into contemplation that she is more toned or has more stamina, she may alter her approved goal. She may conclude "I want to go down a few dress sizes", or "I want to be able to incorporate ability and food into my lifestyle permanently. " Along the way, she may miss a few cock-crow jogs or go off her so-called diet, but above all, she is tolerant with herself.

Patience is essential. It's crucial to acknowledge that domino effect are not at all times immediate. Sometimes, they aren't even tangible. But by just going because of the basic steps, you are on your way, whether you appreciate it or not. Afterall, the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. Patient that the deal with is slow will expected avert you from bountiful up. By shifting your creative goal, you haven't fallen short. You've cleanly develop into aware adequate to achieve when and where to strategize.

It is very chief not to perceive set-backs as failures. Advent down hard on by hand can even crush your spirit. Contained by your character lies your intimate dreams, desires, and your line about life. It was Benjamin Franklin who said, "Some associates die at twenty-five and aren't covered until they are seventy-five".

Some of us reflexively sit back and watch the rest of life go on since we feel we have had too many set-backs or let-downs to furthur pursue our dreams. Then there are those of us who have felt defeated at one point, but after being paid side-tracked, knocked down, and crushed upon, rise up more indomitable to be successful than ever.

Denni Gill is an up-and-coming Canadian poet.
www. urban-eden. org archives her own spiritual growth.
Feedback may be sent to denni@urban-eden. org.


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