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James 2: 17?faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 24You see that a being is acceptable by what he does and not by faith alone.

It has been my come into contact with in education ancestors to judgment their life's purpose, generally, actually Discovery their determination is a austere process. But, plateful them to in fact charming that first step into doing a bit about LIVING their aim has been challenging.

Let me tell you a story about Susan.

After effective with Susan for a few days, it was evident by her talents, passions and abilities that she was meant to write. She was born to write. She loved it. She told me that every since she was about 6 years old, she kept notebooks in which she wrote stories and poems. She never actually shared her characters with anyone. She essentially kept them private. Her children had never even read her writing. They knew she loved to write and knew that she had notebooks that she conceded about with her all the time and was continually scribbling a touch down. But they never showed any appeal or ever even asked her to read any of her stories. So, she has spent most of her life, thrashing her talents under a bushel.

After a lot of beseeching and persuasion, I at length confident her to share some of her work with me. She at length decided and I was blown away. Her work was touching, moving and inspiring. She was a true writer, yet, no one other than herself and now, me, was even aware of her talents.

I was dumbfounded. Why are you beating your talent? Why haven't you put this in rank into booklet form and common your talents with the world--or at least with your burning family?

Susan's fulfil to me was that she has only planned to put it into book form. She had been inspired, on frequent occasions to share her writing with others, but she never got about to doing it. Her days are full with work, coming home and captivating care of her companion and children, and pets and on the weekend she has to clean the house, the yard, run family from one event to the other-she basically have never found the time to do so. She wants to and agrees with me that she is awfully talented, and one day she is going to take me up on my suggestion.

I gave her a absolute outline of suggestions on what to do. I not compulsory that she find magazines she desires to write for and find their Article Submission rations and accept some of her articles. I not compulsory that she contact ezine producers and accept her articles to them and even despite the fact that she will in all probability not get paid for her articles, it is good advertising and can help to get her journalism out there. I also not compulsory that she start her own ezine where she can write what she likes and get people to subscribe who will enjoy her articles. Another aura was that she agree to her articles to the millions of web sites that simply host articles and I gave her a few she could start with.

About a month after dialogue with Susan, I contacted her like I do with most ancestors that I deal with in any way-just to see how things are incident in their life. I was convinced that when I contacted Susan she would have exciting news about the many places her articles were being in print and maybe she had taken the step to even writing her own book.

But what I exposed when I contacted Susan was that she hadn't done any of the belongings I had suggested. She brain wave about it on abundant occasions and had deliberate to spend a bit gathering the information. She knows that she should do amazing but she easily hasn't done anything yet. But she will. She will get to it this weekend for the reason that she has a lot of time on Saturday.

I didn't say no matter which to Susan bar quote James 2: Faith, by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.

Susan had the faith that her characters was wonderful. She alleged that she had a bit to offer the world. She was certain that she could serve others by charitable them joy by distribution her gift of writing.

But Susan had done what so many of us have done. We know our talents. We know the gifts that God has given to us. We can feel it.


Why don't we take action?

This is a very amiable question.

Why aren't YOU attractive action?

Why are you defeat your talents under a bushel?

Why aren't you using the abilities that God has blessed you with to serve his people?

What excuses are you effective by hand to justify your lack of action?

Is it that you don't have the time?

Perhaps it's that you need to study more before you take action?

Maybe you want to wait until the time is right.

That's the same as saying, "We are ahead of you until the time is right to start our family. "

The time is NEVER right. The time is RIGHT NOW!

ACTION POINT: TODAY, not tomorrow, not next month, not next Monday, not after the holidays, not on January 1 - TODAY make the certitude to TAKE ACTION. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. It doesn't affair since SOME accomplishment is change for the better than NO action.

If you know that your character is business you to do something, stop building excuses and start compelling action. When you make excuses, you hurt by hand and the others that are before you for you to bless them.

If you are a author and your atmosphere is decisive you to acquaintance a a number of magazine and agree to your article-THEN DO IT.

If your attitude is foremost you to speak and teach others about discovering their gifts and talents, THEN SPEAK. It doesn't be important where, and, it doesn't be relevant if you get paid for it or not- JUST SPEAK.

If your talent is to start a commerce and you haven't happening on your big business plan but your spirit has been gearing you towards copy it, yet you haven't started, START.

I don't care WHAT you do-JUST DO IT! (As Nike would say. )

Dawn Fields is a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Author. She teaches how to come across your life's aim and incorporate it into a career. Visit her web site at http://www. dawnfields. com and be sure to sign up for Your Life's Drive newsletter by transfer a blank email to dawn@dawnfields. com with SUBSCRIBE in the branch of learning line. Tune in to Your Life's Drive Interactive Internet Radio Show each Thursday at 9 p. m. EST at http://www. dawnfields. com/radioshow. htm


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