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A authenticity attempt - motivation


Suggested attempt to gain choice from self-limitation.

It is not compulsory that what is concrete and real in the world can only be practiced in the ongoing flash (by moment) and that to be fully in the jiffy can only crop up if all ideas and beliefs about it are gone from the awareness - as well as the sense of "I", of self identity.

Look at every idea, belief, or truth about life, no be relevant how absolute it may be, and ask: "Is this thing I believe, or a big shot else wants me to believe, concrete and apparent to me or others? (For example, "We all have souls": Ask, "Show me. ")

If it can't be shown or isn't certain in any way that a big name who doesn't before now deem it can experience, then just put it aside.

Not believing it or skeptical it. (The idea being said may essentially be a evidence of what is real. Blind incredulous can also be a manifestation of some other belief. )

(A recommended characterization of Belief: "An idea of how belongings are that is only evidently real to those who hold the same idea as real. ")

The more we put aside all ideas about what is real, the more we will begin to come into contact with and live what is real, with an growing clarity and freedom.

It is not as easy as it may sound, as most of our ideas and beliefs are so built-in to our natures that it is about difficult to see them.

Also, the mind can take on new ideas such as "I'm now free of all beliefs" as an added belief. Our psyches are very adept at this, so great assiduousness and interest is considered necessary to not be taken in by more and more cunning beliefs.

As a "spiritual" practice, this has directness, simplicity and certain results.

It needs no acceptance of center idea structures that we need to accept as true in or practice, to develop into "enlightened", anything that idea means.

It only needs our real goal for absolute self honesty and the paying of full objective awareness to what is in front of us.

Of course, this condition also needs to be put aside and not said or disbelieved - just pay awareness to what is in front of you at any instant and ascertain for physically what is definite and real.

About The Author

Years of examination into consciousness, zero-point physics theory, materialization theory, memes and many other new understandings appearance out of math and physics.

Ongoing work as bond psychoanalyst is bringing deep revelations about the character of our psyches.

Author/illustrator children's books (e. g. I Wish My Dad Was A Pirate). Music CD (The Nobody Booth).

Related web site: www. becomereal. com. For online contact to exceptional self advance process.

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