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Every four years, February gives us a whole 24 hours of bonus cd to add to our year. Many citizens take this opening to "do a touch special" with their extra day. But why wait for Leap Day? Why not celebrate the "leaps" and risks we take every day when we venture beyond of our comfort zone or work to advance our lives?

Of choice change, in particular life-altering change, is bone-shakingly frightening sometimes. The whole idea is laden with a genuine minefield of "what ifs" that can be hard for us to see and get past in order to reach the destination point where our dreams lie. So I offer you the next "what ifs" along with some answers to help you take that leap, anything it may be, and land carefully on the other side!

1) What if I suck?

So suck. I'm a big fan of sucking. Being awful at the outset (often referred to in Eastern cultures as the possessing a beginner's mind) keeps you from in receipt of cocky and is the ideal state from which to attain perfection; those who think they don't suck often believe, incorrectly, that they have no more to learn. One of the belongings that I academic a long time ago is that it is often advance to be a blank slate upon which those who are there to teach you can write than to come equipped with prejudices, techniques and ways of doing belongings that are inappropriate or even destructive to the new circumstances and that have to be illiterate beforehand any real advance can be made. Learn to love your inner doofus. It's one of the effects that keep you from stagnating at your contemporary level of achievement.

2) What if get there and I hate it?

So hate it. It's almost not the end of the world. In fact, many cultures and religions accept as true that we're put here in this life to encounter and enjoy all of the vast range of human experience, as well as being miserable and other damaging emotions. And some people, such as writers, artists, musicians and the like, in point of fact look ahead to such times as a way to accumulate top-shelf data for their next project. So feel free to feel bad - revel in it, if you will - and then when you get bored, move on to the next amusement ride of life and give a big cheese else a turn at doesn't matter what you were doing.

3) What if I love it so much that I'm torn about stopping to have a family, going to school, administration off to join the show (or doesn't matter what your earlier long-term plans were)?

As the aphorism goes, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for tomorrow". Plans have a way of appropriate any "traps or scraps" as life has its own way with you. They can be traps by benefit of assembly you feel constrained to abide by them, chiefly if you have "sunk costs" like a degree, category expectations or a long career invested in them, even when you no longer get any enjoyment out of that way of life. And they often end up scrapped when startling situation blow us so far out to sea, as it were, that we no longer have any hope of paddling back to that actual shore in our lifetime. When that sort of event occurs in the lack of any real alternatives, the loss can be as devastating as a death. Learn to array your life so that you will enjoy it even if your long-range plans never come true. Then, when and if it's the right time to head out after your earliest goals, you'll have a great foundation to build on.

You ought to also learn to characterize concerning "planning for" and "planning to do". If you have a goal you'd like to accomplish or reach one day, plan for it (stay beneficial and take your vitamins if you want a family, save for coaching if you'd like to go to school, hone your dropping skills if the extravaganza is your raison d'etre, etc. ), but don't worry so much about development to do it, such as engaging in the administer of creating a step-by-step 5-year plan - and then production with the attendant stress of not appointment your arbitrarily customary milestones ought to life intervene, as it is wont to do. You'll know when you get there that it's time to start actively running concerning your goal, arrogant life doesn't take you in an completely new administration already then, and by that time your life will may distorted so much that quite maybe none of your formerly generated plans will be appropriate anyway. Frustrating to fit your life into an customary plan although its protests to the awkward causes countless distress and pain. Live the life that makes you happy today, tomorrow and everyday, and let your long-term plans stretch and bend to accommodate your life instead than the other way around.

4) What if I get depressed, sick, lost, confused, etc. and can't keep up with the necessities of this new venture?

So don't keep up - fly, fall, wallow, soar, bounce, flop. It's just more background and more experience! Again - when you get bored, move on, move up, get checkup or other help if necessary, and let a celebrity else get on the ride.

5) What if I'm too lazy, too set in my ways, too undisciplined, eccentric, etc. , to be a "player"?

Work with yourself, not aligned with yourself. It's called operational smarter, not harder. They make big ol' honking posters about it and stick them up on in break rooms everywhere. Learn to work with your strengths and about your weaknesses to get the most done with the least total of crack and you'll be a step ahead of the rest of the floundering, struggling, dry pack expending all their generative energy swimming upstream difficult to do it the "right" way!

6) What I conclude I want to do this, and then can't get a high-enough salary, make money at it, get famous, make it a accomplishment (or anything your chosen form of compensation may be)?

Well, you could kick the guys in accounting in the shins and swipe their wallets while they're down, but that's certainly a short-term solution.

Remember, money doesn't all the time come in the form of money. Circle cars, laptops, benefits, etc. , can all be part of a corporate box up and they don't hurt the guys in accounting as bad as being affected to add zeros to a check (or as bad as being kicked in the shins, for that matter). As for non-work-related changes, commit to memory that existing a happy life that you be in charge of can net you big-time compensation in the form of develop healthiness (and we all know how medicinal bills can add up), less stress, an animated sense of abandon that is hard to imitate not including banned drugs and other elusive benefits. It as a rule "pays" more to live a great life with less money than to live a miserable one with a advance paycheck.

7) But really, what if there's a real cash-flow problem?

Pretend to be a devout holy character on a 'real world' sabbatical. Scale back your life, use the money you do make for the bare nuts and bolts and spend your free time doing good works. Stuff will come your way all the way through networking, contacts, your good reputation, etc. Cavity the doors of your life to other citizens allows for two-way travel, you know.

8) What if there's not an adequate amount money, freedom, compensation, etc. , to accommodate plans I've by now made?

You bear in mind what I said about plans, right? Sometimes, you'll just have to desire amid plans made then and dreams required now. A further maxim that speaks to this issue is as follows: "You can have everything you want in this life. You just can't have everything. " Go over both your plans and your dreams. Which one gives you the larger air of joy? Which one, when you think about abandoning it, gives you the bigger air of loss? It's irregularly a close call, but as a rule a down-to-earth administer of prioritization and revisiting old, and a moment or two changed, principles and needs shows a clear winner.

9) What if I clasp under the pressure?

Take some yoga module - it makes buckling easier and more graceful, and you don't make those discomforting popping noises in your knees. Plus, the deliberation and stretching/breathing will make you less expected to buckle, as well. And learn to take wisdom from those grade-school fire-safety posters - at times you have to get exceedingly low in order to break the heat and save yourself. Don't fake that a lowered carriage is a sign of a lowered stature. At times it can serve to take the heat off your back until the fire calms down.

10) What if I FAIL (gasp!) and have to benefit to (whatever life you left), and each one will know and it will suck?

And so, we have come full clique - back to sucking. Suck, baby, suck! It's when life sucks that it quits being boring. And if you do have to go back, don't go back with your tail amid your legs (get that thing removed, will you? It's disconcerting when you wag it). Go back with an enhanced resume/life be subjected to as well as all the new and nifty stuff you've learned. Acquaint with manually as returned from a cross-training job functioning along side the big guys, and now ready to take on better (and bigger recompensed) challenges! The "real" players do it all the time - why not you?

I have fashioned a free month-long e-course residential from this article, accessible on my website, plus all of the bits and pieces above, delayed and combined with battle steps that you can take to guarantee that you stick the upstairs hallway of your leap with a 10. 0 score for finesse, style and energy! I am also effective on an even bigger and more in-depth schooling agenda shop up from this e-course - look for it to be obtainable a bit later this year!

(c) Soni Pitts


Soni Pitts is the Chief Creative thinker Butt-Kicker of SoniPitts. Com. She specializes in selection others reclaim "soul proprietorship" in their lives and to begin existing the life their Architect continually future for them.

She is the dramatist of the free e-book "50 Ways To Reach Your Goals" and over 100 self-help and moving articles, as well as other food and capital intended to facilitate this deal with of delicate cyst and spiritual development.


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