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Wisdom eludes me. The more I learn, the less I think I know. Maybe it's because when I learn a touch new I appreciate how much more there is to know. And by that I mean, how much we can know, not how much we must know. It's perpetual. I strive to learn more, but every so often I feel I don't know enough.

Wait a minute, wisdom isn't just knowledge! It isn't how many books you've read or how many degrees you have. Wisdom can't be educated just by reading, it must be gained as well. Wisdom collects, and is gained from encounter and consideration. No be relevant how much you try, you won't develop into wise just knowledge stuff.

Wisdom is found in the appliance of knowledge, the awareness that comes from the examination of our world and life, all through culture and experiencing.

Think deeper. When you toss a stone into a pond you're closely aware of the ripples and the splash, but it doesn't stop there. Even though your mind forgets the stone for the reason that it's gone from sight, the stone continues its journey to the bed of the pond. We can think about the stuff we can't see.

When we're looking for awareness we shouldn't skim the appear and ignore the coaching inside the lessons. The deeper considerations are where wisdom hides. Belongings we learn on one area of interest may cross with points of an added subject, we need to appraise those connections. Even if the acquaintances are not apparent at first, once made, the common light bulb goes on and we're one step closer.

Gain: Growing the level by ever-increasing the amplitude.

Depth. More than a little. Wisdom is gained. It's about what lies clear of the zero point in a wavelength. It's looking en route for the outside, while looking in.

Drew Vics is an artist, journalist and musician breathing in New Jersey. He writes for Myeyez. net -- A Webzine, in his spare time, and just free his self formed debut CD, No more waiting.


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