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If it feels good, it must be right - motivation


Copyright 2003 Priya Shah

Is it feasible to motivate physically to do a little you don't enjoy doing?

Let me illustrate with my own example.

I'm not a actual networker. I'm no good at schmoozing and chatting ancestors into doing effects I want them to do.

I've been told that I'm too honest and candid for my own good. I know its true.

So how did I land up in arrangement marketing?

Well, I constantly hunted to be a stay-at-home mom AND carry on working.

Now complex marketing OFFLINE is not closely my cup of tea.

My "warm market" would maybe be cold to my advances.

Attend meetings? But I belief the idea was to AVOID the awful commute!

If I called a associate over, it would be to chat about academy days - NOT try to "introduce" them to "my new business. "

I'm austerely not comfortable with many of the methods that are used to "recruit" people.

But I'm still running to do a appropriate job of edifice my organisation.

I also cope to keep in my opinion motivated an adequate amount of to WANT to spend every waking minute on my business.

How do I do it? I found a touch about the affair I loved - the internet!

Now the internet is a whole new ball game as far as networking is involved.

On the internet you don't get rich by approaching colonize who aren't concerned in what you have to offer. Unasked for advances are beat known by the word "spam. "

You don't lurk in chat rooms - the real-world comparable of road corners - and confront them (no be relevant what your upline tells you).

You find out where they hang out and then make your attendance felt in those spaces - like exploration engines, ezines, chat lists.

If you can write reports, offer beneficial information, confirm by hand as a big shot agreeable to share their expertise - your prospects will FIND YOU.

And if you can find amazing about the big business you love - amazing about it that gives you a RUSH - you will never be short on motivation.

Its my love for researching and characters gossip that gives me the motivation and the edge I need.

With you it could be any amount of clothes - portion people, interacting with others, creation friends, characters articles, deceitful a website - all the clothes the internet is good for.

And you'll soon find out that if it feels good for you, it'll most apt be good for your business.

Priya Shah is the editor of the newsletters Be a Whiz at eBiz! and The Glutathione Report She shows you how to truly build numerous sources of earnings online with the Brilliant Team Home Affair Opportunity


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