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The top ten strategies to employ when you feel like quitting - motivation


Ever feel like quitting? "Are you kidding?" you ask, "A change for the better distrust would be, 'How many times TODAY have I felt like quitting?' " Sure. We've all felt like "throwing in the towel" at one time or another. If you haven't, I advocate that you check your pulse quickly. And here's a real bombshell for you: the notion that "winners never quit" is a crock! Each - even "winners"- has not only felt like it, but has even quit at one time or another.

The "road of life" that we each journey isn't one endless stretch of flat, paved expressway, but rather, is full with curves, crests, valleys, detours, potholes and bumps. It is its very fickleness that makes it so attractive and alluring. We just have to see what's about the next curve. It's that same changeableness that makes for some real gut-tightening questions and fears as well.

Having said that, I do feel that we, too often, give up on our dreams too certainly and at once - perhaps, just one small step short of success. So what do you do when the going gets tough and you feel like quitting? Here are ten strategies that you can employ when you hit those noticeable "roadblocks" on your road of life:

1. Remember the reason(s) you in progress in the first place. What was the "spark" that caused you to begin the journey? Revisiting that may help renew the flame that helps you go on.

2. Ask yourself, "What would I fairly be doing?" If nobody compelling comes to mind, then affect the next step you need to take to move you nearer to your first destination. If amazing more compelling does come to mind, maybe you need to quit.

3. List 10 reasons why you CAN keep going. What strengths and funds do you possess that will help you do your pet outcome? Just the very act of doing this shifts your focus from the conundrum to the solution.

4. Give physically agreement to quit. Sounds crazy, but it works. When you set up an in-house law that says, "I can't quit. " Or "I shouldn't quit", it makes the ask to quit even stronger.

5. Give by hand a need to continue. Considerably than focus on why you feel you need to quit, focus on why you need to continue. What's the payoff, the reward behind you for you if you persevere?

6. Stop focusing on the struggle and start focusing on the solution. Anything you focus on expands. If your focus is on the struggle you are experiencing, that becomes the main (and maybe even the ONLY) thing on your "horizon" It blocks out many, if not all, of the creative opportunities and solutions that may be annoying to acquaint with themselves to you.

7. Take a hard look at your methodology. Tired of in receipt of poor or less than optimum outcome from your efforts? Then why keep doing clothes the same way an in the family way a bit another to happen? That's the classic clearness of insanity! Ask yourself, "What's the most radical or eccentric accomplishment I could take right now?" Try it.

8. Make a agree to with yourself. Write out what you be going to to accomplish and how you be determined to accomplish it and then give yourself, say, six months to accomplish your goal. Sign and date it and keep it where you can see it. You might even compel some kind of "penalty" for flouting the become infected with - no chocolate for a month, maybe.

9. Get real. Were you enticed by the "illusion" that sensation is easy? Maybe you were in love with by the "fluff" that if you just want a bit badly enough, it will find its way to your doorstep. Hit is WORK. Pure and simple. It is the answer of a a selection of mindset as well as a set of careful actions. If you want to quit something, then quit fooling physically by belief it's going to be a "piece of cake".

10. Walk away. From time to time looking at a bit too hard or long obscures the solutions. It's the "can't see the afforest for the trees" phenomenon. By cleanly on foot away or charming a break from the struggle to solve, you often free your mind to see new options and opportunities.

Monty J. Sharp is a Proficient Authority Behavioral Analyst, self-proclaimed Obstinate Creator of Human Possibilities" and co-founder of Eyesight to Venture, LLC, an executive instruction ballet company devoted to given that an interpersonal accost to high act executives, managers, persons and work teams: Visit him on the web at http://www. VisionToVenture. com or via e-mail at monty@VisionToVenture. com.


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